Build Log: Automated Barn Door Star Tracker Part 2

I made progress on the barn door star tracker. A few weeks ago I got the switches debounced (in software). I put labels on the control box. The control box hangs on the bottom of the platform. It’s attached at one side for easy access. The control box has the two switches and an LED mounted on it. Inside the box is an EasyDriver and a Teensy 3.1. The batteries won’t fit in the box, so I mounted them on the other end of the platform.

I’ve written enough of the software to get the reset “program” working. If you click the momentary switch towards reset, then it will lower the platform until the limit switch is triggered. I’ve got the “run” program sketched out so I know the motors will move. The next step is to measure the actual speeds and introduce┬áthe math equation to make it the motor speed track the Earth’s rotation.


image1 copy



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