Build Log: RF Final Power Amplifier for the M1 Transceiver

I’m doing a lot of product R&D on my bench, so the M1 took the back seat for a while. I broke out the RF power amplifier kit. The EME210 is based on the RDF16HHF1 mosfet. The power amp assembled for me in about three hours. There are only a few surface mount parts on the bottom and about six inductors to wind. It comes with M3 standoffs and screws to mount to a heat sink. I purchased a 150mm by 80mm heatsink on Amazon.








I also spent the time to get the AGC/IF through audio amplifier stage aligned. At this point I really need logic control of the boards. I have a design for I2C based control of the system via the builtin 16 pin wiring harness. More on that soon.