Field Day 2019

For field day 2019, my dad KK6LSF and I teamed up and operated from the southern Oregon high desert. We put an 80m dipole, 40m inverted vee, a 20m inverted vee, and brought along a four element 6m yagi. I used an IC-7300 for 15m and 40m digital, then switched an Elecraft K3 for SSB. Dad used an FT857 on 20m FT8. We used solar panels and AGM batteries, and run exclusively emergency + natural power for the 13 hours we operated. The IC-7300 didn’t perform very well with our 2nd nearby station. The receiver was easily overloaded with the other station transmitting within 15mhz.

Band conditions were not great. Excluding someone’s electric fence that wiped out 40m, there was a high noise floor. 10m and 6m were dead. I managed one strange 6m FT8 QSO into Canada, otherwise nothing. 80m voice was pretty happening about 11pm Saturday night; however, all the traffic was west coast only.

Our contact total was:
19 80m
49 40m
59 20m
37 15m
1 6m