Frozen pipes and burn piles, spring after a frozen winter

I finally got away from work and took one of the kids down to the Cabin. Winter started in earnest about Thanksgiving and only now really started to thaw. There are a few patches of snow left.

february snow

The temps hit 0F at least three times this winter. One of the few pieces of PVC that exist in the water system froze and cracked.

cracked pvc valve


For late February, the ground is also thawed out too. Very wet, but not frozen. It’s not feasible to burn brush and rotted wood in the summer and fall. Pretty much exclusively in the winter.¬†I managed to take of about a third of a burn pile.

burn pile

Also upgraded the firmware on the Midnite Classic 200. I waited right up until the deadline to do the upgrade. A few new pieces of data are available via the cloud portal, such as the Wiz Bang Jr’s amp rating.

midnite data

On the way back to the valley, stopped by Odell Lake and took a few photos.

odell lake