Hands-on with the Asus Tinkerboard

When the Asus Tinkerboard came available on Amazon, I decided to go ahead and buy one.

I really like the color coded GPIO header. I have not tried to access the GPIO pins yet. That will come soon. The Tinkerboard does run much hotter than a Raspberry pi. My Tinkerboard came with two heat sinks. I bought a Smraza branded rpi case on Amazon that has a fan. One of the screws needs to be left off the fan as it sits directly on top of the heatsink.

The first version of TinkerOS I installed (1.4) would not boot after updating packages. I flashed the kingston micro sd card with 1.8 beta, and it is much more reliable.

Just for kicks I installed cpu scrypt mining software (just like with the Raspberry pi 3) to see how fast the cores work. Across all four cores, I see four to six kilo hashes per second. In my experience this is roughly twice the speed of the rpi 3.


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