Qualifying the Qorvo QPA0363ASR at HF Frequencies

I built a quick breakout board to test the QPA0363ASR at HF frequencies. The spec sheet indicates this part is 0 to 5ghz. Most of these MMIC RF amplifiers are designed to work at higher frequencies and often exclude the 0 to 30mhz HF operating region.

Feeding a -10dbm signal into this breakout board, I was able to get 10db of power gain (as measured with my DPM6000 power meter) with the supply voltage set at 3.8 volts. The spec sheet lists max signal input as -5dbm and max supply voltage as 4.0 volts. I have not optimized the bias resistor or L1 inductor for HF, doing this will probably get a few more decibals of gain.