Streamlight Double Clutch

My wonderful wife bought me the new Streamlight Double Clutch head lamp. For run of the mill head lamps Streamlight has really good offerings. Our local Bimart used to carry a $13 3x AAA headlamp. I purchased quite a few of these to stash in backpacks and give to the kids.

There are two features the Double Clutch has that makes it unique: rechargeable lithium polymer (lipo) that uses a micro USB port to charge, and the ability to remove that battery and use straight AAA’s. Just for kicks I pulled out one of my Poweradd 7 watt solar panels and topped up the battery. There is a red/green LED in the lipo battery that tells you if the battery is charging or full. It took about three hours for the battery to register fully charged-I don’t know what the state of the battery was upon arrival.